Won’t blind drivers but increase safety for city riders.

ZAFE in a robust design that mounts on your handlebar or fork who find themselves in caught the dark. With an extremely long burn time., if longevity is your concern, ZAFE is your choice. 


90 Lumen front

30 Lumen rear
Luminosity: 200 Lumen

BE-SEEN series


Effective light ever and keep it simple is best

Aluminum bezel with the simplest of wrapping brackets to fit. Ideally on all of the round seatpost. 25 Lumens with 360 visibility. All the better for it.

80 Lumen front

25 Lumen rear


With up to 20 lumens in tiny design

Powered by inexpensive, easy-to-swap CR2032 coin-cell batteries you can find in any convenience store. The integral lens provides 360-degree visibility, and the tools-free bungee straps keep them simpler on your handlebar and seatpost.


20 Lumen front

10 Lumen rear
Luminosity: 200 Lumen


A great everyday versatile light

Designed using a 40 microchip panel of LEDs putting out super bright luminosity, stay visible wherever you ride. It’s easily mounted on-bike with included rubber strap mount or practically anywhere else imaginable using the strong and secure built-in metal belt clip, and adjustable angle. 


70 Lumen front

20 Lumen rear

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